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Biodegradable Products


These bags are biodegradable on land and in water, and are designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter. Timeframe for degradation depends upon environmental conditions and requires oxygen to be present. The degradation process can take several years. When disposed of in landfill, Eco-pal bags are unlikely to degrade – but degradation is possible. If degradation occurs it will take significantly longer than if the bag is in the open environment. If degradation occurs, it is followed by biodegradation and no harmful chemicals remain. These products are not suitable for composting



d2w® plastics have been extensively tested and proven by independent test laboratories.

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Health & Safety Data Sheets

The COSHH Safety Data Sheets on the links below include the new formulation additive being introduced from April 2006. This new range of additives can be identified by having a numerical product code (e.g. 502538 or 93224) rather than an alpha code (e.g. 2EM or 2MM) Degradable additive prior to March 2006

Degradable Data Sheet - Download PDF (39.1Kb) 
Improved Degradable Data Sheet - Download PDF (39.1Kb)

Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics Association

This association has a scientific advisory board which is comprised of highly respected scientists, doctors and professors with backgrounds in chemistry, polymer science, physical chemistry, plastic materials processing and molecular microbial ecology. This organisation has done extensive testing and research on the use and effects of oxo-degradable plastic and provide certification to products which are shown by reports of testing institutions approved by the OPA, to be:

  • 1. Oxo-degradable
  • 2. Oxo-biodegradable
  • 3. Non eco-toxic.

d2w® and Eco-Pal are members of this association.


Managing the Transition - Degradable Plastics in New Zealand
A guide and industry commitment

Our industry recognised the need for a collaborative effort from all sectors. Degradable plastics are a complex and evolving area with new products entering the marketplace all the time. Their increasing use in a wide range of applications has prompted the need to reduce potential misunderstandings about the environmental claims about these new products. Eco-Pal was one of the signatories on this document which was created by Plastics NZ with the help of a working group from various plastics and environmental fields.

PNZ Degradables Guide - Download PDF